Project Date: Jun-Thu-16-2016
Project Name: About Womyn's Studies

As you could tell the class "Womyn's Studies" is spelled differently, Why ? Well, Womyn is one of several alternative spellings of women used by Feminists. My teacher, Mrs. Alvarez, was the first teacher to introduce me with this field, I had two elective classes (sort of) with Mrs. Alvarez. During the second semester of ninth grade, I was introduced to Gender Studies. Technically, I was first introduced to Gender Studies but this class focused "on gender identity and gendered representation...[The] field includes women's studies (concerning women, feminism, gender, and politics), men's studies and LGBT studies," (Wikipedia). At first Mrs. Alvarez introduced us to the "basics" as in the stereotypes, vocabulary, etc. But towards the end of ninth grade Mrs. Alvarez decided to have another elective class but that class was going to take place in my second year of high school. That class was "Womyn's Studies," which is an "interdisciplinary field of academic study that examines gender as a social and cultural construct, the social status and contributions of women," (Wikipedia). The class mainly focused on the LGBTQ Community, women, feminism, politics, and somewhat men's studies.

Not only did Mrs. Alvarez introduced me to the "societal perspective" of men and women but I learned a lot which made me think differently, and that was good. I would like to say that I am lucky enough to be introduced to such great material or ideas and for a great teacher that taught the class very well.