Project Date: Jun-Wed-22-2016
Project Name: About NHS

The organization National Honor Society was introduced for the first time in Alliance Collins Family College Ready High School. The junior math teacher, Mrs. Lee, organized and made our school qualify to this organization. During the middle of November of 2015, it was the month and the first time in our school where students from all grades, 9th-12th with a GPA above 3.5 applied. In order to be accepted we first had to fill out an application that asked for our personal information, community service hours, and why we wanted to participate in this organization. Also, we had to type an essay where the writer will state his/her reasons why they wanted to participate in this organization.

At the end, I got accepted into the National Honor Society. It was my first time participating in this organization, it felt amazing. Every Thursday we will have meetings discussing what event we will participate in for community service hours, creating rules/guidelines for our class, and what to improve in order to make it more fun and social for all the students to participate in.

We still have to improve a lot of things in order to make ourselves well-known within the school.