Project Date: Jun-Thu-23-2016
Project Name: Real Women have Curves

During the second semester in my Womyn's Studies class, Mrs. Alvarez gave us two reading packets since during that time we were focusing on the idea of women's physical appearance or how society portrays this "perfect image/identity" that all women must follow in order to be considered a woman. This unit was my favorite out of all the units we went over in my Womyn's Studies class. It was interesting to listen to stories, research, experience, and open up to people on how we experience something similar and how it effected us.

The play was interesting to read and act out. The language was the main factor that stood out to me. The writer and the characters are Latinas which made the play even better, I felt connected with the character's and the culture as well. When reading the material I could actually imagine the character's in my head acting the play out. It was funny, morose, dramatic, and loving.

The Unit took us about a month or less than a month to finish. The plan was to finish reading the play and attend an actual play where they act this play out. But instead Mrs. Alvarez wanted us, her students, to act it out ourselves. It was fun, difficult, and hard to organize. The thing that bothered the students including myself the most, was the fact that we couldn't say some parts of the play. The plan was to act out the scenes that stood out to us the most and that supported our research about the Unit. We mostly took out all of the scenes that we had chose. Until, we decided to mix up the words or not include the bad words, the idea of sex, or just information that was too vivid or information that was only for grown-ups. At the end, we finished practicing our parts.

This is a link to view my scene that I acted out with my group Fedra, Gina, Paulina, and Victor. Scene Three, Act II (Pages: 57-59) Group 4: Real Women Have Curves (Scene Three, Act II)

Reading this play made me think about society, women, a "perfect physical appearance," and what we as women face everyday but not just women this whole idea of a "perfect body" goes to men as well. It's sad but we should not let it get to us or at least try.