Project Date: Jun-Thu-23-2016
Project Name: Exploring Masculinity

For this project, my class and I focused on the idea of "under what circumstances is it socially acceptable for men and women to show their emotions." In other words, we specifically focused on the male expectations and cracking the code of Masculinity or the "societal definition of Masculinity." In order to understand and go in depth about this topic, Mrs. Alvarez assigned us a project. The project was to research our question that we chose out of the seven questions she provided us with which were...

The question I chose was Question 1: Should there be masculine studies ? What would they explore ?

In order to present our question/project we had to create a powerpoint or poster. Our task was to research our question, take a stand on the topic, and educate the audience.

This was a group project, the people that I worked with was Angie R. and Michelle G. Now the picture below is an overview of our work as in this case our powerpoint.