Project Date: Jun-Wed-29-2016
Project Name: Reading Material

Mr. Medway was my teacher for my English Honors class. For this class, we either read, wrote, or talked a lot. Talking was mostly "Socratic Seminar" were we talk about a topic and each student delivers their thoughts about the idea/topic while the other students either agree, disagree, or listen to the opinions that are being delivered. Writing was a big part of our class, everyday we will have a Do Now that will introduce us to the topic that we were going to talk about that day and that consisted of us writing which took approximately five minutes to answer. Also, CELs were a big part of our class as well. Mr. Medway will give us a reading material where we will divide the sections (chapter's or part's) and write a CEL, they were sometimes assigned as homework or due at the end of class. Now, for the reading material Mr. Medway gave us material that is expected for Honors students to read, for example we read Purgatorio (but sections of it), William Shakespeare, Greek Mythology, Hercules, and other books that made our minds think outside the box, deep, reason, and connect to the real-world.

The pictures below are all of the reading material we did throughout my sophomore year for my English Honors Class.

I will say that English is not my favorite subject, but the reading material that was introduced to me in this class was very interesting. As long as I took my time annotating and understanding the diction, I will understand material.

My favorite books that I read in this class were Night by Elie Wiesel, Anthem by Ayn Rand, There Will Come Soft Rains by Ray Bradbury, Hercules by Ovid, and Purgatorio (Avarice) by Dante Alighieri.