Project Date: Jun-Thu-30-2016
Project Name: Statistics Unit

This unit was a review Unit from middle school math, but of course in this unit we learned more as in how are statistics important to the world, pros and cons about Statistics, etc. The class and I learned about mean, median, mode, range, charts, outliers, box-plot, and different types of data.

A project that shows Measures of Central Tendency (mean, median, mode, and range) is the project below. This project was done by Michelle Garcia and I, the survey was created in SurveyMonkey called "Who are you...?"

Also, Michelle and I identified the outlier by using the method called the "Five Number Summary," identifying the Outlier which consisted of three steps, and created a box plot. The first task was to do identify the outlier, find a piece of data that is significantly larger or smaller than the other values in the data set, this will help you with the first step which is finding the IQR (Interquartile Range) for this you will need the first and third quartile, second step is multiplying IQR * 1.5, and third step is finding the fences. The fences will help you see if the outlier you chose is either a non-outlier or outlier.

This project consisted of collaborating with students, presenting, creating surveys, and a powerpoint.