Project Date: Jul-Sat-9-2016
Project Name: About World History

Mr. Hernandez was our World History teacher, he was a good, fun, cool, and informative teacher. Mr. Hernandez will always give out examples, what I liked the most about him was that he will deliver lecture after we finished reading a lesson. The lecture were always filled with information.

History was not my favorite subject in elementary-middle school, until I had Mr. Hernandez. It all depended on the teacher on how they taught the class but Mr. Hernandez changed my mind about History, I like it but not a lot. The typical routine in our World History class was to go to a specific chapter, read the lessons, take notes, lecture, practice on worksheets, study, and quiz/test. We did this routine throughout the whole school year.

For example, lets say we were learning about the Industrial Revolution (Chapter), the lesson was on inventions or inventors we will first have to read the lesson or multitask as in read and take notes at the same time (the second suggestion was my preferable option), after this we will have lecture where Mr. Hernandez will summarize the lesson and give examples. Mr. Hernandez will hand out worksheet's that will help and provide us with information in order to get a good grade on the quiz/test. Also, we only had two-three days to study for the quiz/test. After this, we took the quiz/test and repeated the routine over and over again throughout my second year of high school in my World History class.

The task that I disliked the most was taking notes on the lesson we read on that current day, which was everyday. I learned and practice my skills on note-taking. I developed new techniques but every time we came out of that class my hand was either shaking, sore, or stiff. Although, I did not like this task that required a lot of hand movement and was stressful at times, I knew that this task will benefit me because in college I've heard that note-taking is an essential skill that every student must or at least be good at.

Overall, my World History class was an interesting class that made me like History more.