Project Date: Jul-Sun-24-2016
Project Name: About Spanish 1A

Mr. Mercado was a new teacher to the school, and it was my first time taking a Spanish class, so I was looking forward to it. First Semester was held in a English class but of course the teachers switch places in order to teach. First Semester consisted of learning what our culture was about and learning history about the culture or cultures, myths and legends, difference between a Hispanic and Latino. Second Semester consisted of learning the accents (Acentos) like future tense, imperfecto, irregulars, etc. We learn about Immigration and learned about the environment or obstacle's people face everyday in the case of immigration, we studied the Accents more, and finished a book that was called, "Cajas de Carton."

Towards the end of First Semester or the beginning of Second Semester, Mr. Mercado received good news from the school that he was finally hired as in he was now a teacher at Alliance Collins Family College Ready High School. On top of that, he finally had his own classroom.

This class was interesting because I learned more about my culture and it was fun talking in Spanish instead of English. My favorite unit was Immigration, I learned a lot. It was sad to watch but it triggered my mind and it made me think differently.