Project Date: Jul-Sun-24-2016
Project Name: La Isla Mas Encantadora del Mundo

During this project, the class and I were learning about culture's, ethnicity, countries, states, etc. The purpose of this project was to research different environments of a ethnicity because our unit was to learn about different cultures.

For this project I had a partner, Adrian M. We had two weeks to finish and research about our state which was Puerto Rico. We either had to use Prezi, Powerpoint, Keynote, or Google Slides. I decided to use Prezi because I only used Prezi once for a ninth grade project and I was still curios if I still remember how to use Prezi.

The information needed for this presentation is a: Title; Name of the State; Location; Capital; Tourism and Food; Traditions and Money used; Languages and Religions.

Below is the Prezi Adrian and I created together.

It was fun creating this project because my partner and I learned about a new state, presented, and got an A+.