Project Date: Jul-Sun-24-2016
Project Name: Acentos

Mr. Mercado taught me a lot especially with the Accents (Acentos). Personally, since I was a little girl I spoke Spanish, read Spanish, and wrote in Spanish. Spanish was my first language but I have trouble pronouncing some words. In Spanish class, we read a lot which helped me improve my pronunciation.

In my opinion, the one topic that covers or makes up a Spanish are the Acentos(Accents), that could be a part of it. I learned a lot just by studying and practicing the Acentos.

Below you will see all of notes I took about Acentos(Accents).

The Acentos are rules or guidelines that guide you, in order to talk Spanish properly. Same thing as English but of course a different language. I could say that the Acentos were easy to learn but a bit hard. As in remembering there definition and when to add/use it properly in a sentence.