Project Date: Jul-Wed-27-2016
Project Name: Cotton Gin

For this project we were learning about the Industrial Revolution. The Industrial Revolution took place from the 18th to 19th Centuries.

Throughout this chapter. the class and I asked ourselves. How industrialization spread from the UK to the United States and then the rest of the world? Why was England the first country to industrialize? What do you think is going to spark the Industrial Revolution? What did you learn about urbanization through our map work? What do you think it was like to live in these new cities?

These question were answered throughout the chapter by reading and researching. We could all thank Samuel Slader who caused the Industrialization to spread because he emigrated to the US and built a spinning wheel. Slader brought ideas which helped, improved, and advanced the US. The United States had natural resources, like England, such as oil, coal, and iron.

The purpose of this project was to gather all the information we had collected from reading. But to make the project fun, Mr. Hernandez wanted to play the role of a Shark just like in the show "Shark Tank." The students were the entrepreneurs who invented something that could help and improve people's life as well as their methods of manufacture. Mr. Hernandez gave us a list of machines that were invented during the Industrial Revolution, my partner and I, chose the Cotton Gin.

Angie and I researched the invention, we had to attract/intrigue the shark(Mr. Hernandez). In order to do this, I played the role of "Eli Whitney" and Angie played the role of "Catherine Greene." We were the only group who did this. Also, we gathered our information in order to get our good grade and at the end we did get a good grade. Below is the presentation we created.