Project Date: Jul-Wed-27-2016
Project Name: STL

In ninth grade, my teacher Mrs. Clark taught Biology. The class was really interesting by the way because we were learning middle school science but more in depth and advanced. One big project that we had to do in ninth grade for science was a TechYes Project, which was my Water? Waste Not project. Mrs. Clark will tell us how it was important to do this project in order to receive a certificate that will benefit us in the future, so I did it. Also, she mention something about an STL so one of the students asked what it was. To start of She said that it stands for Student Technology Leadership. This specific group are a group of students from 10th to 12th grade who qualify in order to be leaders within the school. These students help, investigate, and improve the technology within the school with the help of your two advisory teachers, Mrs. Clark and Ms. Wyatt.

The way I qualified was I asked Mrs. Clark for the packet that she was giving out for students who wanted to apply. She mentioned how students are going to transfer to a new advisory, meet people from all grade levels, and you must have experience or some what experience in technology.

The students who qualified were interviewed, including myself. The interview went very well for me, I had all the requirements that both teachers were looking for. At the end, I transferred to a new advisory, met new people that were from all grade levels(Advisory was a mix of all grade-level students), and had experience in technology. I had become an STL.

Being an STL is a bit hard because we are in charge of any technological problems, we sometimes present presentation's to the whole school, class, or parent conferences, or events. But its worth it because we meet new people, we gain social skills, practice our presentation skills, gain leadership, responsibility, and independent skills.