Project Date: Jul-Wed-27-2016
Project Name: Kinetics and Equilibrium

For this project we had to gather all our data, work, and knowledge of kinetics and Equilibrium. The Kinetics and Equilibrium project was the last project for Honors Chemistry, it was due on the last week of school on a Monday. We had about 4 weeks to do this project which was enough time. This project had to be done by a group of three, my group was Sherry V., Angie R., and me. We organized our project on a website that we created on Weebly. The title of the website was called, "J.A.S Kinetics and Equilibrium Project."

In the website, we explained Kinetics and Equilibrium. The information that was provided on the website shows and explains examples of chemical reactions that show the rate of the reaction, the concept of a reversible reaction, and the Haber Process. My group and I decided to split the work. The guidelines that were given to us had the type of information we needed in our presentation, this was split into three sections. Angie R. focused on reaction models, Sherry V. focused on Fritz Haber: Advanced Method, and I focused on the Haber Process, shown below.

In the section I focused on which was the Haber Process, I answered multiple questions. What is the Haber-Bosch Process? Who developed it? Why was it important? How did it affect the world? What are the physical states of the Reactants and Products in the Haber-Bosch Process? What are the pressure and temperature conditions of the Haber-Bosch Process? What is the catalyst in the Haber-Bosch Process? Collison Theory: Temperature in Haber-Bosch Process? Collision Theory: Concentration in Haber-Bosch Process? Presence of a Catalyst in Haber-Bosch Process? All of these questions are the ones that were provided to me in order to put it in the website.

This project took a lot of research, my group and I did encountered problems but we learned new information. The section that we encountered problems was the Reaction Models, but we asked Mr. Merchant for help and he explained us How? Why? And What? This model represented or how we should model our graphs.

Overall, my group and I learned a lot by doing this project. It was our last project of the school year, but of course we got a good grade. We got a 4 which is an A.

Below is the link to the website, "J.A.S Kinetics and Equilibrium Project."

Website: J.A.S Kinetics and Equilibrium Project