Project Date: Jul-Fri-29-2016
Project Name: Subatomic Particles

During this project we were learning about the properties of matter, classification of matter, changes in matter, modeling the atom, and building an Atom.

We had a practice worksheet and packet where we researched and practice problems on classifying an atom or building an Atom. This project was to see if we understood the material. Mr. Merchant(Chemistry teacher) gave us a rubric to guide us on what information we need to provide on the project.

As you could tell, I got a good grade on this project so that meant that I understood the material very well. Now the picture below is a picture where I demonstrate my work and my explanation of an Atom.

We had to choose an element first in order to do this project, I chose Carbon. A periodic table was available to me so I used it in order to identify the protons, neutrons, atomic number, electrons, and the atomic mass. I made a model on how the element, Carbon, will look like with its protons, neutrons, and electrons. Also, created a key in order to identify which is which. Overall, I had to explain the model or the element Carbon, as in what made it carbon.