Project Date: Jul-Fri-29-2016
Project Name: Molar Relationships

The purpose of this experiment was to determine the identity of five unknown compounds given only the number of moles contained within a sample of each compound and a list of five possible identities. The five possible identities were Sodium Carbonate(Na2CO3), Sodium Acetate(Na2H3O2), Calcium Carbonate(CaCO3), Sodium Chloride(NaCl), and Sucrose(C12H22O11).

In order to identify the five unknown compounds, properties such as mass, molar mass, and the number of moles were utilized. This project had/required mathematical skills and reasoning skills. For example, the chemical formula of each compound is known, the molar mass can be determined. The number of moles of each unknown is also known, so by measuring the mass of each unknown and calculating an experimental molar mass, the molar mass of the known compounds can be compared to the experimental molar mass of the unknown compounds to identify each unknown. Tables were created in order to present mathematical information vividly and in order to compare.

Mr. Merchant provided us with a Investigation Proposal, this proposal was a worksheet that kept our information organized. I had separate notes and tables that were everywhere.

The unknowns were identified by comparing the experimental molar mass that was calculated based on the chemical formula. This method of identification worked because molar mass is essential or unique to each compound. All the mathematical data is displayed on the tables and paragraphs as well. This project helped us practice on molar mass, moles, converting to grams, and gain reasoning skills.