Project Date: Jul-Fri-29-2016
Project Name: Classification of Matter

This project could be considered the "States of Matter: Basics." We were learning about pure substances, a mixture, compound, element, homogeneous mixture, and a heterogeneous mixture. We had to practice worksheets in order to classify each mixture as homogeneous or heterogeneous mixture, classify each substance as a pure substance or a mixture and if a pure substance was classified we has to classify if it was an element or compound but if it was a mixture, then classify if it was an homogeneous or heterogeneous mixture.

We had to draw a model to represent a homogeneous mixture, heterogeneous mixture, pure element, and pure compound. We had to include a tile for each model, a description of what each model shows and an explanation for why it's classified as that type of substance and underlining key vocabulary words and include the state(s) of matter, label for the individual part(s) of each model, and our name on the back of the page.

The following pictures are the model's I created to represent the classifications of matter.