Project Date: Jul-Fri-29-2016
Project Name: Utilizing Metric Prefixes

This project was practice for our units and measurement section/chapter. In the chapter, we were going over system international(SI), base unit, derived unit, important base units for chemistry, volume, density, and mass. The purpose of this project was to practice on converting mainly on kilo. and milli. By doing this you start at your base unit. Converting is a big essential skill/tool in chemistry.

The materials we used in order to practice and convert properly was a calculator, graduated cylinder, timer(iPad), ruler, balance, and H2O. Now the way I performed this project was I used a balanced to measure the calculator, by the way I was looking for the mass, I then used a ruler to measure the length of the calculator, the graduated cylinder is filled up with water, I then placed the graduated cylinder on the balance to determine the volume. The interesting part of this project was I had to sing the ABCs. I timed myself using the timer in my schools iPad.

I created a table in order to organize my calculations and results. It has the object's I measured which are the calculator, water, and singing the ABCs. This project did help me gain mathematical skills on converting, and ever since I've improved my skills throughout my Honors Chemistry class.