Project Date: Jul-Sat-30-2016
Project Name: Cajas de Carton

During the second semester of my Spanish class, we were introduced to the topic, "Immigration." The whole class knew more or a little about this topic, I knew only a little bit about Immigration. This story is about a family who wanted to give their children a better life and to have money in order to live.

The story took place in the end of August, around the 1950s. The main character in this is story is Panchito. Panchito and his family encounter many obstacles. Some of the obstacles they faced were Panchito's baby brother he had health problems, Panchito felt lonely and felt as he was an outcast. The mother and father encountered economic and the cost of living problems.

The story took us the whole second semester to finish, we read the story only once or twice a week. During the time we reading this, we were learning about Immigration. We had a test on vocabulary words that dealt with Immigration which came from the book, "Cajas de Carton."

Below are images of the vocabulary words.