Project Date: Aug-Mon-1-2016
Project Name: Niko: Base (Pt. 1)

For my Summer 2016 Project, a Arduino: Robot Smart Chassis Kit car was purchased with the help of my dad. The smart car was given a name, "Niko." Niko is a Arduino Smart 4-Wheel Robot Car, the car comes with tachometer encoder(Tachometer Encoder won't be used in this project), four motors with there wheels, mechanical tools, power cables, and a battery holder.

For this specific part of the project, I assembled the base for Niko.

Materials Needed:

  1. Chassis Baseplates
  2. Motors & Wheels (4)
  3. Mechanical Tools
  4. Power Cables
  5. Solder
  6. Heat Shrink Tubing Assortment

The first task was to connect the power cables with the motors. Specifically, connect a positive power cable(Red) on the positive side of the motor, same thing goes for the negative side of the motor which represents the negative power cable(Black). This task was done for all four motors. Once that was done, the mechanical structure was assembled, very easy to install. The power cables were organized within the holes of the Chassis Plates. The base for Niko was the easiest part of the project as in the mechanical structure was simple, very easy to install, and understandable.

Specifications of Motor

  1. Voltage = DC 6V
  2. Current = 120MA
  3. Reduction Rate = 48:1
  4. RPM - Revolutions per Minute (With Tire) = 240
  5. Tire Diameter = 66mm
  6. Baseplate Thickness = 3mm
  7. Car Speed(M/minute) = 48
  8. Motor Weight(g) = 50
  9. Motor Size = 70mm*22mm*18mm
  10. Noise = <65dB