Project Date: Dec-Wed-3-2014
Project Name: Water ? Waste Not

In this Project "Water Waste Not," focuses on the importance of Water. Specifically, it shows how to spread awareness on how to conserve water. During this time our state was in drought, our teacher decided to do a project relating to the real life situation our state was going through. Our teacher combined the drought with the Water Cycle which each of us had to do our own research which could also be known as a PBL(Project Based Learning), we were lucky enough to have this in our high school. I collected data by measuring how much water is being waste per minute and to show this I created a chart , created an iMovie, interviewed my dad, and showed techniques on how to conserve water.

The chart at the right has the date I started the project up to the date I stopped. Every shower I took, I timed myself to know how much water I was using up. Once I finished taking a shower, I put the time on the chart where it says Shower(Time). That was my daily routine up to November 17, 2014. The next columns explain the amount of water in cups and in gallons that I used up when taking a shower. If you want to know more about this project watch the video above.