Project Date: Jun-Mon-29-2015
Project Name: Circulatory System

This project is about the Circulatory System explaining its process. I contributed with 4 other classmates which were Karina Rea, Angie Ramirez, Michelle Garcia, and Omar Miranda. We each focused on a specific section of the Circulatory System, Karina was Development, Angie was Vessels, Michelle was Red Blood Cells and Omar was Blood. The section I did was the Structure of the circulatory system or lets say its key organ, the heart. For the structure, I put all the important categories of the heart. Lets say the important details about the heart, I wanted to be really accurate and also wanted to add more on my section to make it look interesting. We each had to do our own research PBL. if you want to know what exactly my classmates and I put for our Circulatory System Presentation watch the video above.